Experience Sheringham TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USE OF THE Experience Sheringham WEBSITE

In these Terms and Conditions “we, our, us, Experience Sheringham” refers to Experience Sheringham Ltd.

By accessing the content of www.experiencesheringham.co.uk & www.experiencesheringham.com (“the Website”) you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein and you accept our privacy policy available at [www.experiencesheringham.co.uk/privacy-policy]. If you object to any of the terms and conditions set out in this agreement you should not use any of the products or services on the Website and leave immediately.

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Experience Sheringham Ltd reserve the right to change any part of this agreement without notice and your use of the Website will be deemed as acceptance of this agreement. We advise users to regularly check the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

Experience Sheringham Ltd have complete discretion to modify or remove any part of this site without warning or liability arising from such action.


Experience Sheringham Ltd will under no circumstance be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages including any loss of business, revenue, profits, or data in relation to your use or reliance on the information submitted to the Website either by Experience Sheringham Ltd or by it’s community members.


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By using the Website you agree to respect the intellectual property rights of Experience Sheringham Ltd and will refrain from copying, downloading, transmitting, reproducing, printing, or exploiting for commercial purpose any material contained within the Website.


Experience Sheringham Ltd provides members of the public facilities to create an account and submit content to the website. All content submitted to the website remains the property of the original author. Content submitted to the website must comply with the community guidelines, located here. Experience Sheringham Ltd reserves the right to moderate content submitted to the website and remove or reject submissions without prior notice that violates our community guidelines.


Experience Sheringham Ltd will under no circumstances will be liable for incorrect or out of date information submitted in a listing. You as the author are solely responsible and liable for all information and content submitted. Experience Sheringham Ltd reserves the right to moderate, via an approval process, all listings submitted to the website and reserves the right to reject a listing submission without notice. Experience Sheringham Ltd reserves the right to edit or change a listing submission prior to being approved inline with our community guidelines and to ensure quality. Listing submissions must comply with our community guidelines.

Events being submited for listing on the website must be open to the public.


Experience Sheringham Ltd reserves the right to remove reviews submitted to the website that it deems to be purposfully abusive or damaging to business and does not reflect a true experience had by the reviewer. Reviews that contain, abusive language, non-constructive negative critasism, targated abuse, negative comments based on opionions rather than acctual experiences and irrelevant negative comments based on the context of the review, will be deemed as purposfully abusive or damaging to business and may be removed.


Experience Sheringham Ltd reserves the right to reject claims to a place or an event listing, should sufficaint evidence not be provided to justify a claim to said place or event. Supporting evidence to a place or event claim could include, but is not limited to: certificate of incorperation, passport, drivers license, proof of address, picture graphic evidence, etc. Claiming a place or event results in all responsibility and liablity for the claimed place or event being transferred to you. Experience Sheringham Ltd will under no circumstances will be liable for incorrect or out of date information in place or event listing prior to being claimed.

Payments made to Experience Sheringham Ltd for place listings are made in advance for time listed on the website.

Monies payed for listings that are cancelled prior to being approved for submission will be refunded.

No refund will be given for remaining listing time if cancelled prior to the next payment date.


The information provided on this website is provided on the understanding that the website is not engaged in rendering advice and should not be wholly relied upon when making any related decision.

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