Continuous Improvements

It’s been 10 days since we switched the new website on. During this time we have gathered pages of analytical data. All this information will help us to improve our service to our clients and site visitors. Our list of improvements gets ever longer.

With thousands of visitors in just 10 days, the site is set to grow quickly.

We are now generating individual page heatmaps to gather information on exactly how site visitors interact with the website and its listings. This will allow us to make tweaks and subtle changes to the site layout, therefore improving the effectiveness of the website. We are specifically tracking the home page.

We’ve managed to reduce the site bounce rate from 83% to 40%. Returning visitor numbers have also increased.

A more detailed analytics report will be released in due course.

To collect even more user insight, we have today started a visitor poll on the site. We hope to gather critical visitor information and feedback. Which will add to our improvements of the website.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about the site please feel free to contact us: