Experience Sheringham

Experience Sheringham was recently taken over by our new director Jonathan Hayman. The take over came about as the origonal owner was moving on and Experience Sheringham would have lapsed without the take over.

Since the take over Experience Sheringham has been re-branded and relaunched with a new goal.

That goal, re-developing the coastal community of Sheringham and pushing forward in a digital age.

With a primary focus on increasing the online presense for Sheringham, the new website unifies all the information anyone would need about Sheringham. This creates an experience of Sheringham thats hard to beat.

About Sheringham

Sheringham people are well known for their outgoing, approachable, honest, warm and friendly manner. Geographically, Sheringham sits in a truly unique location ‘twixt sea and pine’ and benefits from the very best that nature can offer. Sandy beaches, rock pools, waves, the vibrancy of spring, hot summers, glowing autumn sunsets, bracing winters, pine forests, hills, cliffs, heaths and so much more.

Diverse Around every corner a new face beckons a new place tempts, beguiles and allures. Clear blue skies, deep red sunsets, beaches of gold, silver foreshores, ochre cliffs, rock pools and streams. Freshly caught shellfish, locally baked bread, fine wine and ale, European, Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine, theatre and live music. Friendly Sheringham is a safe and friendly place, with nowhere beyond easy walking distance, welcoming with a warm embrace, buildings that absorb you and inviting promenades. You’ll never be lost in Sheringham.

Established Sheringham’s architecture and history have played host to visitors from the world over from the arrival of the first steam train encouraging them to relax and unwind in its unhurried and natural surroundings. A town of fine local businesses, Sheringham’s heritage calls proudly and its sons are fondly and sympathetically remembered from elephants to mammoths, lifeboatmen to shantymen. We hope you enjoy your visit to our town.